The prototype Andrew Lloyd Webber

With Andrew Lloyd Webber's TV show looking for a newcomer to play Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Over the Rainbow, now finished it's time to reflect on the great man himself. (Congratulations to Danielle, by the way - the best Dorothy won.)

Lloyd Webber tends to be attacked by critics a lot, and I think unfairly. While I do tend to agree that his best work was his early stuff - there were just so many more great tunes in something like Joseph or Cats - he can write excellent stuff, and certainly knows how to put on a spectacle. Frankly, it's hard not to see sour grapes in the criticism.

I certainly think he is hard done by when compared with his eighteenth century counterpart, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Now at this point I can hear some sharp intakes of breath, but I genuinely believe the comparison holds. Both could write a good tune. Both wrote some musicals (I really don't see the point distinguishing between a Mozart opera and a musical) with ridiculous plots. Both wrote some okay but rather overrated church music.

If the musical mafia weren't so hung up on Mozart's genius, I think they might accept that he was a similar crowd pleaser whose music rarely challenges, but often delivers. Of course I'm biassed. I don't like much Mozart myself. With the exception of the A major piano sonata, which is one of my favourite piano pieces, I don't think I'd give any of it room on my iPod (and I don't). But then I don't have any Lloyd Webber either.

So hail Andrew Lloyd Webber, our present day Mozart. He may not be treated as such... but then Mozart wasn't in his day either.

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  1. As well as the plagiarism gibes in Victor Lewis Smith's fantastic TV Offal: the piece by Mozart that ALW ripped off was from the third movement of Sonata 11 in A minor (K331) used as the tune for "Pharaoh's Dream Explained" from Joseph.

  2. If I had an iPod [hinting furiously at my family to buy me one for my birthday], Phantom and Cats would be my top choices.

    He has a TV show? See what we miss on this side of the pond?

  3. Lynn - Phantom is my favourite as a spectacle, Cats as music, so I'm with your there.

    He has had a series of very successful shows on the BBC which are basically auditions to provide the lead in a West End musical, the most recent to find a Dorothy for Wizard of Oz. Rather strange mix of reality show and job interview - I suppose a musical equivalent of The Apprentice.


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