Doggy Identity Parade

A very strange conversation yesterday morning.

I had taken Goldie, our golden retriever, to the vets and on the way out to the car, someone stopped me. 'Have you had that dog since it was a puppy?' they asked. 'Yes...' I said, hesitant because it sounded like they were about to accuse me of dognapping. 'Could you come and look at our puppy and see if you think it's a retriever?' they said.

So I went along to their car and took a look at their puppy. All I could really say is that it very much looked like Goldie at that age. Something like this -

Apparently they had been sold it cheap with no documentation and were worried they'd been sold... well, a pup. As far as I could tell it was a retriever. All I can say for certain is that it was cute.


  1. I've got my eyes on you little doggie!

  2. That was eight years ago... she's a big lump now. But still cute.


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