Look! Shiny!

A somewhat rambling entry this morning, as I'm still recovering from withdrawal symptoms. Circa 10pm Friday night our internet connection went down and it didn't return until Sunday morning.

I've been without before - but never for so long without any choice. It was horrendous. It's not that I'm addicted or anything. I don't necessarily do a lot online at the weekend. It was the inability to get information as and when I wanted. The knowledge that I can't just check things. The lack of control.

We were going to the Milton Keynes Snowdome on Saturday. Normally I'd just find where it was online about 5 minutes before leaving... but today I couldn't. (Luckily the GPS knew where it was.) I like to check my emails every couple of hours - it's not essential, but when I couldn't it was so painful.

I found myself wandering into the office and staring weakly at the router, hoping to see that fourth light labelled 'Internet' illuminated.

Sad indeed. But it's over now - and it's great to be back.


  1. Heck Brian, what a catastrophe! No internet! I think I'd need tranquilisers...by drip. Anyway, you seem to have coped very well, and yes, a very good idea to go out and pretend it's not happening:-)

    You check your email every two hours? I'm afraid mine is 'sampled' automatically every few minutes and I really can't go that much longer without getting twitchy. Not that I get much, you understand, it's just that I need to know someone is out there...apart from my loving family, that is (who also email me - they've found it's the best way to get my attention).


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