Writer's block(ed nose)

One of the questions I'm often asked is 'don't you find it difficult to just sit down and write?' or 'What about writer's block?'

I don't really believe in writer's block. Once you've overcome the powerful urge to prevaricate, it's just a matter of sitting at the keyboard and getting the fingers to move. What comes out might be rubbish - but it's important to keep going.

However, as I'm currently in the throws of one of those irritating hacking cough type colds that last two to three weeks and leave you feeling heady and without any brain between the ears, I have to admit that under these circumstances, writing becomes almost impossible. I can manage the blog, but getting down to a book - just stacking up in the brain the different things that need to be balanced in the mind before commencing typing - seems impossible.

Often the writing job appears rather easy. Choose your own hours. Take the dog for a walk whenever you like. No commuting. But when your brain is clogged up, it's very, very hard indeed.

Urgh. Pass the medication.


  1. Hi Brian, I'm here via MG Harris' blog but also remembering the kind words with which you chose my story, The Chaperon, as the winner of the 2007 Litopia Winter Kills Contest. I'm adding your blog to my blogroll, and hope that's ok. I note we have several other blogging pals in common, including Tania Hershman. Anyway, hello!

  2. Hi Sarah - delighted to be on your blogroll!


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