Google ads fruit loopy

The other day I was checking my murder mystery party site when I noticed with a bit of a shock that the Google adverts at the top of the page had come over all literal on me. Usually they're for murder mystery parties, which makes sense. But this time they were for real detective agencies. Clearly the AI at Google reckoned there was the material of real murders on my site.

Sadly I can't prove this, as when I just looked they were back to murder mystery ads. But I have had an equally strange set of ads running on this blog. If you look at the ads for any particular post, they tend to fit reasonably well. My recent post about nettles, for instance, brought a whole rash (geddit?!) of gardening adverts.

But on a scan of the adverts for the blog as a whole, the ads alongside came up? Why? Is it the name, Now Appearing? Do they think I'm talking about the appearance of spirits? Or maybe it's my book about infinity... whatever, I can't seem to escape the psychic connection. Spooky.

(Just to be confusing, when I looked a moment ago, the ads were on blogging, but my psychic side has been coming up for several days. Maybe I should consult my horoscope.)

P.S. I've had a sudden thought. Perhaps Google can't spell physics?


  1. A whole rash ... nettles. Sorry, Brian, I don't get it.

  2. You've clearly not met my nettles, or you would get it. All down your arm.


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