In search of mad scientists, and enjoying schools

I'm delighted to say that my latest book Armageddon Science is now available in the UK as well as the US. I won't repeat all the details - I gave the bumf about it here, and I cover it here on my website, but you can now rush along to and buy a copy in the UK, if you feel so inclined. To make matters even more thrilling (can they be more thrilling, I here you ask?), if you click on the 'n new' under 'More buying choices' on the right of the Amazon page, you can buy a signed copy. What's not to love? This is the Christmas present that says you mean more to me than the apocalypse.

As there is only so much self-promotion I can do without feeling faintly queasy, I ought also to say what a great time I had at Bradon Forest School yesterday. Situated in Purton, a village outside Swindon, this secondary school had a special day yesterday where all their Year 7s had four writing-oriented workshops through the day. There was me on non-fiction writing and books, plus a poet, a writer and artist and an ex-stand up comedian who now writes freelance for magazines.

It's great talking to this age because they are old enough to get the ideas, but haven't been in secondary school long enough to become cynical. They were great audiences (each of us gave the session four times to groups of around 55). My only worry is that I was doing a fairly unstructured session - I had notes on bits I wanted to put in it, but I let the structure flow. This is fine for a single workshop, but by the time you are doing your fourth I was thinking 'Oh, no, have I already talked to them about this, or was it the previous group?' So apologies if I repeated myself...