Wednesday, 1 December 2010

So there, QI!

I am a great fan of QI. There's nothing better to liven up a boring evening on TV. I have even been known to search it out on Dave when all else fails. But it's hard not to get irritated sometimes by the smug inevitability (and who can do smug better than Stephen Fry?) of some of their 'general ignorance' answers - and hard also not to be rather pleased when they get it wrong.

The most glaring QI error I know is they've twice (in my hearing) called Galileo the inventor of the telescope, which is indisputably factually incorrect. But another example demonstrates the meanness of some of their answers. I can't remember the exact wording, but someone (probably poor old Alan Davies) got the dreaded noise when suggesting that UK secret service field operatives are called agents. The QI team came up with some guff that agents were office-bound workers, not field people.

However in the last fortnight, both the head of MI6 and several people from MI5 have very clearly called field operatives 'agents'. Now it may well be that according to some jobsworth job title they aren't agents, but this is obviously what they are called. So, sorry QI, you got it wrong again - and Alan D. deserves his points back.

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