It's Radio 1, but not as we know it

These days, as I drive the daughters around in taxi mode (6 hours in the car last Friday), I tend to hear quite a lot of Radio 1. As I've commented before, they have unfortunately stocked the channel with DJs who think that they are the reason people listen, rather than the music, so said daughters are always flipping away from Radio 1 to find music, rather than be bored by inane chatter.

So, in the spirit of the Big Society, I would like to offer my re-designed Radio 1. The BBC are welcome to follow my grand plan, and I give it freely to them. I believe it will make the station much better for its target audience, and will fulfil the BBC's requirement to not just be another broadcaster, but to be a unique public service broadcaster. It will also save them a lot of money - millions of pounds per year.
  1. Get rid of all DJs who don't play at least 15 records an hour. Replace with new, cheap, hungry DJs.
  2. Don't play any music from bands who are already signed to a record label. The commercial stations can give them all the airplay they need.
  3. Put a lot of person time into going through CDs that have been sent in by new bands. Play all of these that are good.
  4. Don't play anything that has been anywhere near Simon Cowell.
But, you cry, won't Radio 1 lose listeners? Yes, it probably will lose some. But it will be serving its target audience much better, and it will save millions. I'm not saying they should play any old rubbish - only the good records they get sent - but I believe there would be plenty there to keep them going, and the effect on the music scene would be transformative.

What about it BBC? Have you got the bottle?


  1. 6 hours listening to Radio 1 or music in the Radio 1 mold!

    Eeek, sounds like hell on Earth to me - it's your car, and your time, perhaps you should slip in a CD of the Feynman Lectures on Physics Brian?

  2. RIP John Peel.. if only all radio presenters followed in his footsteps.

  3. Two words - needle time. The problem is that talk is cheap, and playin music is expensive.

  4. Is it really cheaper to employ Chris Moyles for however many millions than to pay to play tracks? I thought basic PRS/MCPS was pretty low...


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