Now that's what I call technology

Just occasionally you come across a piece of technology that blows away pretty well everything you've seen before. I'd like to thank someone on one of the Litopia forums for pointing out the specific example below. The video describing it isn't in English, but it has subtitles and is easy to follow. Just to highlight some of the lead features:
  • You never have to replace the battery
  • It will last a lifetime and longer: it's not going to wear out
  • It can be dropped repeatedly and will remain useable
  • The file format used is guaranteed to remain compatible
  • It uses bio-optical technology and neural processing
  • Comes in a wonderful range of covers
  • Uses space saving compression technology to get twice the information in the same space
Enough of the build-up: feast your eyes on this:


  1. Love it!

    And here's something that's both sad, and also sadly, rather predictable: most of my 'local college' students tell me that they've never read a single book! However, they've all got XBox gaming 'cards' and the like - one of them boasts that he's played 13,536 computer games so far (he's 19) - he can't spell, or use punctuation - but he's a wizz on a console.

  2. Um, apparently the 13k is his XBox gaming-whatever-saddo score. I mean - could anyone today have played 13k different computer games?

  3. Say he'd been playing 10 years, he'd have to play several new games a day, which seems unlikely.

    I think part of the problem is that we aren't brave enough to buy teenagers books as presents. I think, if the book is really well targetted, it wouldn't be impossible to get them reading a bit.


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