The must have accessory for iPhone owners

What does every iPhone owner need this time of year? No, not at iPhone cosy, or a dancing polar bear app, or an iPhone scraper to remove the ice from the screen of a morning. Something much more useful.

Picture the scene. I am taking the dog for a walk. The iPhone rings. I try to answer it - but it doesn't work. Another time, while out in London, I need to send a text. It doesn't work. Not because the gears inside have frozen up, but because the iPhone's touchscreen relies on something like a finger to get its screen working. Encase said finger in a glove and the capacitative effect is reduced - it doesn't work.

Yet the weather we have had recently really does require gloves.

Luckily, for Christmas (thanks Andy and Fiona) I have been given a pair of iPhone compatible gloves. No, really. With these gloves on the touch screen works just fine. So no more tossing up between frostbite and not communicating. Technology to the rescue!


  1. When I want to answer the phone without removing my gloves, I use my nose. It's not the most elegant way, but it works. ( have to admit, it's not perfect for texting)

  2. Nice one, Viktor. But things could get awfully messy if you had a cold.

  3. iPhone, SchmiPhone: there's a slapp for that!

  4. Have you been on the eggnog, Helen?

  5. You obviously weren't given a pair of these gloves.


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