Is this a Christmas song record?

I had the misfortune to have to listen to a bit of Radio 1 at the weekend (it's not my fault, the children made me) and suffered the new Justin Bieber record.

I'm sorry to go all grumpy old man, but it's OCTOBER for goodness sake, and he's released a Christmas record.

And what a Christmas record.

It's as if the writers said 'How many Christmas clich├ęs can we cram into one song?' To save you the pain of listening to it, here are the ones I spotted:
  • Beautiful time of year
  • [Christmas] cheer
  • Under the mistletoe
  • the winter snow
  • Chestnuts roasting [on a fire]
  • Santa's coming tonight
  • Reindeers flying in the sky
  • Making a list
  • Wise men followed the star
  • Very merry Christmas
Somewhat bizarrely in the chorus he seems to be enjoying being with his 'shoddy'. Rumour has it that what he was intending to sing was the southern US slang 'shawty' for girlfriend, but I'm convinced he's singing 'shoddy' - which pretty well describes this song.