Recovering nicely

My next book to come out is How to Build a Time Machine, which launches in the US on 6 December - expect to hear rather more about it then. It has produced a lot of interest, including an extract which is going to feature in a major US magazine (more on that later too), and I think it could do well.

What has been fascinating is that it will the first of my books from US publisher St. Martin's Press that will also be published in the UK by a British publisher that has bought the rights - in this case the fiercely independent Duckworth.

As I have already mentioned, they have decided that the UK edition will have a different title - Build Your Own Time Machine - and they have now gone public with the cover, which is strikingly different in style from the US version. I like both, but I'm sure some people will have a favourite.

The British version is out in January - and I'm looking forward to receiving my copies of both, and, hopefully, arranging to do some talks on the subject.

I have seen the original design for the UK cover, where the inventor had a suit and tie, with the tie flying back in the breeze. As open neck shirts are definitely more me, I'm pleased to see that he has thrown away his shackles of formality in the final version.


  1. I LOVE the UK version. I have a serious thing for retro-future artwork, and this is completely perfect. Is there a way for a US reader to get ahold of the UK version without resorting to back-alley transactions in the book underworld?

    Side note: I also have your book on Infinity, which I purchased after stumbling across your blog a couple of years ago, and I'm looking forward to this one!

  2. Glad to hear you bought Infinity, Sarah - hope you liked it. There will be no problem buying the UK version in the US - ships to the US, it will just take a little longer to arrive. It's not available until January, but you can preorder now at Alternatively, drop me an email at and I can sell you a signed copy direct when it is available.

  3. Thanks so much -- I'll do that when the release date gets a little closer! Much appreciated.


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