Confessions of a barbecue sauce addict

I'm no foodie, but I do enjoy a good meal and I think I can tell good stuff from bad. But I have a cullinary Achilles heel. Barbecue sauce. I only have to see 'smothered in barbecue sauce' on the menu and I want it. 'Old boot, smothered in our signature barbecue sauce,' it might read. Mmm, yes, please.

I really don't know why it is, but barbecue sauce just pushes the brain out of the way and directly engages the stomach. Maybe they used barbecue sauce back in prehistoric times and it's some kind of race memory.

However, I have to report progress. We went to T G I Friday's the other day and I managed to resist the lure of barbecue sauce, trying their Jack Daniels glaze instead. And yes, it was good* - I didn't regret it. I can do this. There is life after barbecue sauce.

* T G I Friday's please note this piece is not advertising, but I would be happy to receive free vouchers etc.


  1. Great post, and I share your addiction. I sometimes wonder, if sufficiently tempted, would I actually just take a slug of barbecue sauce right from the bottle? The answer: probably, for the right sauce, of course.

  2. Me too! My tip: Save up the little bbq sauce pots you get with the chicken nuggets at McDonald's and then you can have it with everything!

  3. Mike - glad to know I'm not alone. I wish I was joking but those words 'smothered with barbecue sauce' (it has to be 'smothered') get me going every time.

    Angela - cunning plan. I don't know what (say) Gordon Ramsey would say about you turning up with a McDonalds sauce pot in his restaurant. Actually I do know, but I can't repeat it here.


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