Small but beautifully formed

Here's a sheep and goats question. What's the first thing that comes into your head when I say 'Physics'? If it's 'Wow, exciting stuff!' go to the top of the class. If it's 'Boring!', please stay after school.

Actually school probably has a lot to do with this impression. Physics shouldn't be boring. It's how the universe works, after all. But all that stuff with ray diagrams and force equals mass times acceleration can get a trifle tedious, I admit.

So I'm quite pleased with my latest little book, Instant Egghead Guide: Physics. Rather than start with the dull Victorian stuff it starts where we should start - with the real essentials (and the fun bits) like quantum theory and relativity. The book has 100 bite-size sections on a wide range of physics topics, each with a little 'cocktail party tidbit' (sorry, prudish US spelling) to liven it up.

If you'd like to find out a bit more, see its page at my website or at (if you click the buy new/used from Marketplace you can buy a signed copy from me) or


  1. Wow! Another book! Congrats. This is a good opportunity to tell you I'm halfway through "The God Effect." Great! I wish I had it when I was writing Tangled Roots!! Now, how about writing one (quickly) about new technologies in medicine and/or medicine and music so it's ready before I start getting into writing my new novel in earnest? :-)

  2. Thanks Sue. They can be a bit like busses - I don't expect any more until 2011 now.

    Glad you're enjoying The God Effect. I'd love to help you out on the background to your new novel, but I suspect you'll get there before I could!


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