Favourite bands of the 70s revisited - Curved Air

It's popular to knock the music of the 70s, prog rock and similar stuff - but actually there was some superb stuff back then. So for those who want a heady trip down memory lane (or an introduction to a serious band from before you were born that is worth listening to), I would like to occasionally revisit some of my favourites.

One of my more obscure loves was Curved Air. This was anything but your usual lineup. The main features were a surprisingly good violinist (Darryl Way), a great keyboard player (Francis Monkman) and an unusual female vocalist in Sonja Kristina. (Oh and a guitarist and a drummer.)

They are probably best known for the cod baroque/rock piece Vivaldi on their first album Airconditioning, but it was their downright strange and mind bending sound on many of their other tracks that makes them unique. Personally I'd go for the second album (inventively called Second Album) for the very best of Curved Air.

Here's their bestselling hit from that album (though not the best track on it, and an imperfect recording) Backstreet Luv:

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