Karaoke fiction with science - tell us your stories!

Here's something completely different if you're anywhere near Birmingham (UK) and have an interest in science and/or fiction. As part of the British Science Association's Festival, we're holding an Open Mic event where you can come and read your science-inspired stories and poems. It's free, and there are great prizes including a Focus magazine subscription and champagne.

The judges are me (a popular science writer), Tania Hershman (who writes science-inspired short fiction) and Sue Guiney (who writes science-inspired novels and poetry).

What's with this 'science inspired'? It can be science fiction, straight fiction that happens to have a science setting, like Lab Lit, or fiction and poetry that started with inspiration from science.

It'd be great to see you. The event is on Wednesday 15 September at 7pm in the Old Joint Stock Function Room. That's location 14 on this map, and you can find more about the festival here.

Go on... tell me a story!


  1. Sounds brilliant! Wish I could be there, hope it goes well, and please post some of the entries on your blog?


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