But has he got glitter?

Copies of the second translation of one of my popular science books arrived this weekend. It's The God Effect, the book on quantum entanglement, in (simplified) Chinese, and it looks rather smart.

The original had the little multi-coloured blobs, indicating the entangled particles, but this has so much more with a space-themed background that makes it looks very attractive in a 1970s sci-fi way.

As usual with a translation, I haven't a clue whether what's written bears any resemblance to the original book - I just have to trust that the translator has captured the essence of what I wrote. Whatever it says, it's rather magnificent.

I have three copies I'd be happy to give away, if I have any readers who have the urge to read this book in Chinese. To cover postage, please buy a copy of my ebook Organizing a Murder from its website (you don't have to get the ebook, but you are welcome to) and drop me an email to let me know you want a Chinese God Effect. This costs £4.99 ($9.99) which should roughly cover postage worldwide.

For some childish reason, what I like about the book most is that the title has glitter on it. This is eminently satisfying. I have never had a book with glitter on it before. I bet Stephen Hawking has never had glitter.