Nobel Prize pinups

Well, 'pinups' might be the wrong term when you take a look at the pictures. But the BBC has put up on their archive a series of TV interviews with Nobel Prize winning scientists, which is worth taking a look if you like your science from the horse's mouth (unlike some BBC online footage, it is available world wide).

The archive features in-depth interviews from the 1980s with eight twentieth-century Nobel Laureates conducted by biologist and broadcaster Lewis Wolpert. Subjects include immunologist Niels Jerne; biophysicist Alan Hodgkin; biochemist Alexander Todd; astronomer Anthony Hewish; electro-physicist Neville Mott; atom-splitting physicist Ernest Walton; physiologist and biophysicist Sir Andrew Huxley; and biochemist Frederick Sanger. Sanger is the only person alive today to have won two Nobel Prizes and one of only four scientists to have ever achieved that distinction.

Apologies that I have sat on this since the end of last year - I only just noticed it in my list of interesting things to blog about!