Time Machine News

Although my focus is still pretty much on Inflight Science, which seems to be picking up well in the US, I've had some interesting news on my next title, How to Build a Time Machine, due out in the US from St Martin's Press in December. It is to be published in the UK by Duckworth in January 2012. But there is a subtle name change. Over here it is going to be Build Your Own Time Machine (the illustration is a bound proof, not the final book).

This new title has the advantage that it hasn't been used so frequently before - there are a couple of other 'How to build...s' - but I hope no one thinks it is a construction manual. Somehow, in moving from 'How to build' to 'Build your own' it gains a much more DIY feel!

Still, I'm looking forward to having editions both sides of the Atlantic - should be an exciting December/January.