Please rip me off!

Here's the thing - I'm very pleased with my new book The Quantum Age. It combines the weird and wonderful nature of quantum physics with an exploration of remarkable quantum applications, from lasers to superconductors, and the stories of the development of these ideas and technologies featuring some big (and sometimes decidedly strange) characters.

The Kindle edition usually sells for about £8.99, but as part of their 'Summer Reads' promotion, Amazon currently has it at 99p ($1.69) - because why wouldn't you want to read about something as mind boggling as quantum physics on the beach? Being a Kindle ebook, you can read it on a Kindle device, but also on tablets, smartphones, laptops, the better kinds of abacus* - so there's no excuse.

You are probably thinking, yes, but I don't want to deprive Brian of income. Don't worry - I really do want you to get a copy. Leaving aside the fact that not everyone would buy it at full price, if enough of you do buy it at 99p it can soar up the Kindle charts, become much more visible and that gives it a huge amount of momentum of its own.

So please do rush over to (just click that link) or, and rip me off. You'll make my day. (And please spread this as widely as you can!)

*OK, maybe not the abacus.