Back in the quantum again

I'm delighted to discover that my book on quantum entanglement, The God Effect is now out in paperback. Due to a bit of dodgy scheduling, the hardback ran out before the paperback was available, so it's wonderful to have it back.

In case you aren't quite up on quantum entanglement, this is about the weirdest thing in all of science. Einstein dreamed it up as a way of demonstrating that quantum theory had to be rubbish, because obviously nothing so strange could happen - but Einstein was proved wrong. It makes it possible to produce unbreakable codes, to build computers that can solve problems our current best would take the lifetime of the universe to get through and even to produce Star Trek-like matter transmitters. It even sounds like it could make time travel work, though in reality this proves impractical.

The book also has my most commented-on title. I have been accused of picking it 'just to get attention.' Well, yes, that's what a book's title is for. In fact it reflects the way that an elusive particle called the Higgs boson has been called the god particle (even by the likes of New Scientist).

You can find out more about The God Effect here - or get hold of a copy from or