Probably the best press release in the world

I've seen a lot of press releases in my time, from IT companies, consumer organizations and publishers. Frankly, most of them are really dull. (The press releases, not the companies. Well...) They try to convey a sense of excitement, but they have a staid format, and often fail to engage.

So occasionally PR companies will try something rather different to grab the attention. Some of these 'rather different's have clearly been very expensive - flash, pop-up constructions and other strange fabrications. But the best press release I've ever received was just whipped off on a standard colour printer.

Why do I think it's so special? First, it's personalized. Yes, I know this can be a bit Reader's Digest. You, Brian Clegg of Grotbottom Villas have been selected from many thousands of people to receive this press release... but here the personalization works. Second it's a different format. Not that tired old press release look. And finally it gets its message across with some humour, and in a way that encourages you to read it - which can't be bad.

I can remember nine years on what it was about (an event by Microsoft on dealing with forged products). I think the PR agency was Text100 - forgive me if it was your (different) agency. What's perhaps most remarkable is that nearly a decade later, such excellent press releases are still a rarity. Remarkable and - if you're in the business of issuing releases - a wonderful opportunity.


  1. I never knew you lived in Grotbottom Villas. To think, in all the years I've known you...

  2. It's not something I like to boast about.


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