Farewell to the Village People

After 13 years of living in a village, with all that implies, we are about to move to somewhere more urban in feel.

It's a move with mixed emotions. I'm going to miss the friendly conversations in the Post Office and the near-impossibility of walking down the street without saying 'hello' to at least one person you know - I'll miss the community. I'm going to miss a house that has become like a comfortable piece of old clothing. And I'll miss the instant country walks.

On the other hand we'll have shops and cafes in walking distance (which would have included Borders until the swines closed it down), a very different atmosphere, new places to walk - and we will be constantly popping back, as we're only 15 minutes drive away.

Because of the move, this blog will be rather intermittent for the next two to three weeks. Bear with me. Normal service will resume again. But for the moment, who's for a rousing chorus of YMCA?


  1. Moving gives me hives, so I wish you smooth sailing amongst packing boxes, lost underwear [or am I the only who has problems with this?], and kitchen utensils that always seem to migrate to Japan. Living in an urban setting, the village life sounds intoxicating.

  2. Two questions -

    Might one ask why you are leaving the rural idyll for Babylon?

    Please may I be the biker?

  3. I saw you more as the Indian chief.

    We're leaving for multiple reasons including teenage children, cheaper accommodation and the ability to get everyday essentials (such as pizza) without driving.

    We see at as a sort of transitional house between 'bringing up the family' and 'now what do we do?'

  4. I wish you good luck with the move Brian though why you'd want to trade in the British countryside for High Street Britain absolutely defeats me.


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