Faster than Light in North London

Over to the North London Collegiate School this morning to give my 'Faster than Light' talk. The trains seemed to conspire to almost but not quite cause problems. My train in the morning was 20 minutes late... but was 20 minutes earlier than the train I thought I'd catch. Coming back there was confusion on First Great Western after a fatality on the light near Burnham, but despite being announced as DELAYED the train I got on was only held up a few minutes.

As for the talk itself, getting to the school involved a brisk walk across Canons Park (beautiful, it said on the website - possibly, but certainly freezing) on the wild North of the Jubilee Line. I've been to the school once before, and bits were familiar. We suffered a bit from having an audience of around 50 in an auditorium for around 300 in the rather impressive Performing Arts Centre (pictured left), but the talk went down fairly well.

It's one I've had trouble with in the past, because it's possible to get bogged down in the technicalities of the relativity of simultaneity. I managed to avoid this by largely ignoring the script and doing it off the top of my head - the only problem with this is I forgot the best joke. But they didn't know, so that's okay.

After a buffet lunch with some sixth formers and staff it should have been a journey back where I arrived before I left, but faster than light technology escaped me.