The Archers and the objectification of men

I'm sure the title of this post would make an excellent PhD thesis. I was listening to the Archers omnibus on Sunday and struck by the remarkable sexism that was going apparently totally unnoticed. The cricket club has a very attractive new coach and we were hearing how women were attending practice just to watch him, and the gay characters were commenting on his attractiveness and how the women had turned up because they wanted to see him in his cricket whites (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

If a load of men turned up to see a new female hockey coach in her kit they would be rightly accused of being a load of perverts. So why the double standards?

It's the same on TV shows judged by a panel. It seems absolutely fine for female and gay judges to keep making suggestive remarks about the men, but it would rightly be frowned on if similar comments were made about the women.

I appreciate the 'You've done it to us for so long, now it's time to get our own back' argument, but I don't agree with it. Two wrongs don't make a right. We might not be perfect at it, but it is broadly accepted in the mainstream media that the objectification of women is wrong. Surely it's time there was parity for the men?

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  1. What an interesting comment "........ rightly accused of being a load of perverts".

    Is this fair? I understand that it is natural for opposite sexes (generally speaking)to be attracted to one another. The form that attraction takes varies with species and no doubt varies and develops under prevailing conditions.
    Maybe this is a topic for a book (it may have been written) about how society imposes itself on the natural world and if society is, maybe, a form of eugenics!!!

    Vic (at 64 I guess I am now a pervert!! and I would hate to think what some may say about me cuddling and playing with my grandson????)

  2. No one is being accused of being a pervert for being attracted to the opposite sex, but it isn't really considered the done thing to turn up at a training session purely for the purpose of seeing a woman in her sports gear.


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