Want to be secure? Kill a tree

I am all in favour of online security, especially when dealing with banking, but I am currently experiencing the security equivalent of health and safety gone mad.

My business has a business savings account (one percent interest - whoopee!) with a fairly well known brand that has recently been taken over by a big five bank. So the big five company is switching the account to their side of the business, and their online systems.

Fair enough. But the paperwork and bits and pieces of stuff involved has been horrendous. So far I have received, each in a separate mailing (and I'm excluding all the leaflets, envelopes and assorted flyer type stuff):
  • Two 'authentication cards'
  • One Pinsentry device
  • Two Businesscall membership cards and letters
  • Two telephone banking passcodes
  • Two authentication card PIN letters
  • One 'more about the move' letter
  • One online banking membership card and number
I'm really not sure this is all necessary - and it certainly isn't environmentally responsible.

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