Branding idiocy

Our local commercial radio station, serving Wiltshire, is GWR FM. It has a strong local presence - a real feel of being part of the West - along with a striking black colour scheme.

Unfortunately, every five minutes at the moment, they are proclaiming that they'll be Heart FM from 23 March. This is just stupid. Unlike GWR's strong West Country feel, Heart has a mushy Midlands persona. And if you associated any colour with it, it would be pink.

Of course you can see the benefit from the radio company's point of view. It helps them save on costs. But benefits for the listener? None. Wiltshire's local radio becomes a part of a fuzzy Midlands mashup. And we aren't even in the Midlands. Time to switch to BBC Radio Wiltshire, I think.

(In all honesty, I usually listen to BBC Radio 4 anyway - but the kids like GWR.)


  1. Oh dear. And they lose "God's Wonderful Radio" too.


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