Unbalanced parking

I ventured out to our local Borders yesterday and encountered a bizarre phenomenon in the car park.

That's the view of the car park on the right - it was packed. Forget recession, it was heaving. This car park has two disabled rows. One was reasonably in use. But take a look at the other one.

There literally wasn't a single car in it. (It's not entirely obvious from the picture, but that's not just one row of spaces in front of the camera, there's another totally empty row to the left hand side of the roadway too.)

I'm all in favour of disabled parking, but I can't help but feel they've got the balance a touch wrong here.

Muttering about incompetent planners, I went into Borders only to be cheered up immensely by seeing the end of the popular science shelf. They've got taste in Borders:


  1. Did your publisher pay for this nice display or did Borders do it in a spirit of generosity.

  2. It was Borders what done it, guv.

    I did a signing their a couple of weeks ago, and they ordered the stock in for that, and decided to give it a go while they had it.

  3. You're darned lucky, guv. Most booksellers charge publishers an arm and a leg for such a display. Is it a local store where you count as a 'local author'?

  4. If it wasn't for being able to say "wow!" I'd have to say, I'm speechless!!!!

  5. Sue - I hope that's a good thing?!


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