I'm ready for my closeup, Mr Cox

I was delighted to be invited to appear on literary agent Peter Cox's podcast Litopia Daily to talk about Ecologic. I must admit, when I was asked, I thought it would just be one day, but I've been roped in for the whole week, so regular listeners will have to cope with my ramblings all the way through to Friday.

When I first heard about such podcasts, I was a bit uncertain. I like listening to speech radio when I'm in the car, but I couldn't envisage ever taking the time to listen to something like this - a daily (well, weekdays) broadcast on writing and writers. Since then I've started listening, and it is rather addictive. I gather it (I'm not sure if it's the daily podcast or the Friday evening Litopia After Dark) now has significantly more listeners* than Richard and Judy's current TV show has viewers. (For non-UK readers, R&J were once the doyens of UK daytime TV, but moved to an early evening slot on a digital channel to see viewing figures collapse.)

So, why not give it a go? Today's podcast post (you don't need an iPod/MP3, you can listen from your computer) is here.

* 'Listeners' sounds so mid-twentieth century... perhaps it should be podders.


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