Choosing company names with care

We often see around our village, delivering to one or other of the pubs, a van from a company that sells cheese.

The company is called Bermic. Now I'm sure they're a very good company - from their website, it looks like they sell some really excellent regional cheeses. They even sell cheese wedding cakes. No really. That's one on the right with the wonderous Cornish Yarg on top:

But I can't help but think they made a mistake with the name. The chances are it's one of those first name combos. Bernard and Michael or Bernice and Michael or some such. But for me, the name 'Bermic' immediately brings lavatory disinfectant blocks to mind. I'm not sure quite why - perhaps it's because it has a similar feel to Harpic - but that image springs to mind every time I see the van. And, frankly, that's not a good association for cheese.

So next time you're naming a company, give a little thought to the feel of the name. It can't do any harm, can it?