On Parliament Hill

An enjoyable excursion to north London today to speak at Parliament Hill School (nowhere near the houses of parliament). It's a girls' technology college, which I suspect is quite uncommon.

For someone whose journey to work is normally walking down the corridor, it's actually quite exciting to be setting off at 6am for a commute into London. I'd hate it every day, but it's rather a pleasant change occasionally.

The year 11s were a brilliant audience, and the reception was excellent. The only problem was a common one with schools. When I do a real world lecture, I'm often in the room up to an hour beforehand, checking the visuals are okay, making sure everything is fine and leaving nothing to chance.

In a school it's often a bit different. I arrived in the room 1 minute before the event - to discover there was no screen, projector or computer. A moment or two feeling slightly panicky followed, as the presentation is essential for this particular talk. The good news was, though, that there were hot drinks and biscuits, which kept the audience happy while the technology was rapidly set up.

All in all, a good morning - and back to sunny Wiltshire (well, dull grey Wiltshire) in time for lunch.


  1. My Mum went to Parliament Hill. Just thought you'd like to know that.

  2. I would. It had a nice feel to it, as schools go.


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