Doin' the Dog Walk

A while ago I wrote (only partly tongue in cheek) about how important a dog was to a full time writer. On walks with the dog I get my best ideas, pull books mentally into shape - generally do much better thinking that sitting at my desk.

I wanted to share one of my favourite dog walks, through the nearby village of Hinton Parva. I'm sorry this will be a bit of a long post as I couldn't decide which pictures to miss out.

As we get on the edge of the village there's this wonderfully incongrous neighbourhood watch sign. There's not a building within 100 yards - I guess it's the cows and horses that are watching.

This isn't flat territory - I love the rise and fall of the walk here on the edge of the chalk ridge of the Downs (which confusingly are upland).

Heading down into the village. Apart from the wires, rather pretty. Most of the walk is on road, but it's the kind of road where you only meet a car once every 10 minutes or so.

Tucked away just off the main road through the village is a tiny green with traditional Wiltshire buildings...

... and a lovely little church, St Swithun's. It's Saxon in parts, and Norman for most of the rest of it.

Unlike many churches, it's unlocked every day...

inside on the sunny Spring day it's cool and welcoming.

I love the old font - wonderful carved detail.

Goldie isn't quite so impressed at being left outside.

So back across a field to the highlight of the walk...

With two houses, a barn and lots of fields this has to be the street sign with the biggest pretentions of grandeur ever.

So it's back uphill on the winding way home.


  1. Aw,Brian, can I bring the beagle and my beloved Mae West on a walkie with you?

  2. I guess someone's planning for massive urbanization.

  3. Lynn, you (and the beagle and Mae West) are welcome any time!

    Bob - that's what I call long term planning!

  4. Lovely. Until you had the one of Goldie waiting outside the church, I thought you'd say she'd come in and drunk out of the font. Now you've done it - I shall have to retaliate with a favourite Cromer walk. But when Heidi is a bit fitter - she was spayed on Monday and is still a little sorry for herself.

  5. mmm - beautiful little church and village. It looks like a lovely place to live.

  6. Goldie sends her commiserations to Heidi.


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