Is this iPod Art?

I'm very fond of the work of British (but resident in Portugal) artist Lucy Pepper. Her work is not unlike Posy Simmonds - I don't say that to make it sound derivative (it's not), but it has that same combination of use of spare, cartoon-like lines and funny insights into middle class angst.

I bought one of her pictures last year (I don't buy art, but I just loved this one), and was delighted to discover that what I thought was a pastelish sort of painting thing was actually produced using a computer. Now Lucy is making use of the flexibility of the computer medium to produce what I think is verging on a new artform. It's a cartoon that is drawn as you watch (though speeded up) - so you see exactly how that elegant woman is created from a series of strokes. I find it hypnotic and fascinating. I think it's the ideal art to have on something like an iPhone or iPod Touch.

You can find out more about Lucy and her work at her website. Here's the cartoon that got me started on this:

how it is to be 38 and three quarters from lucy pepper on Vimeo