Where are the normal families?

I have to confess to a sneaking liking for Coronation Street. (I'm from near Manchester, I am obliged to. It's an old charter or something.) But I do think it is high time the Street was allocated a permanent family counsellor.  Because its children are suffering like no others in the UK.

At the moment, Coronation Street features approximately 15 children under the age of 18. These are:
  • Faye - adopted
  • Craig - lives with mother, father unknown
  • Simon - mother died, lives part time with father and part time with (separated) stepmother
  • Amy - lives part time with mother and part time with (separated) father
  • Hope - father died, lives with mother and boyfriend
  • Joseph - lives with mother, separated from father
  • Liam - father dead, lives with mother
  • Ruby - lives with father, separated from mother
  • Dev's children (2) - mother dead, live with father
  • Cal's children (2) - mother dead, live with father
  • Kylie's children (2) - one father unknown, the other lives with mother and father (though they were separated until recently)
  • Tina's (surrogate) baby - living with genetic parents, but not birth mother
I might have missed the odd one, but that's most of them. And here's the thing. I know a 'normal' family where a child lives with its mother and father is less common than it used to be, but this is ridiculous. According to government statistics, around 75% of children under 2 live with both parents and the majority of all children live with both parents. Yet on Corrie, only around 7% of children live with both parents. And the only child with an 'ordinary' family has David Platt for a father. I mean, really. Come on.

Oh, yes, these people need a counsellor, and they need one quickly.