Confessions of a coffee yob

It'll do me
A fair number of my friends are what you might call coffee snobs. But although I like drinking coffee, I must be the coffee equivalent of a lager drinker - hence I offer the term 'coffee yob'.

 It starts when people tell me I shouldn't drink coffee from Starbucks*, or Costa, because the coffee is so much better at Café Extreme (or whatever) where the beans hand ground with a pencil sharpener in darkened cellars in winter (or something). First confession. It all pretty much tastes the same to me. I can tell the difference between a McDonalds style automated machine and a proper coffee made on a bar device, but that's about it. No point offering me your premium special roast single bean coffee as an optional extra - I can't tell the difference.

But it gets worse. I can only cope with one cup of 'real' coffee a day. (I should say, one American style mug. I much prefer real coffee in French café crème size cups, of which I can manage several a day.) Anything more than that and it upsets my stomach. So mostly I drink instant and, actually I quite like it. Of course it's effectively not the same drink, but I can live with the watered down taste, it doesn't upset my stomach and it's not horribly bitter like some 'real' coffee. And, as a bonus, I'm less likely to have a caffeine overload.

So there we have it. There are some people who aren't worth saving, and when it comes to coffee, I'm one of them.

* I'm ignoring tax issues here, though perhaps Starbucks will follow Amazon and come over all British in the face of higher taxes


  1. Pretty much the same here. I like Starbucks. (Unfortunately there's no Starbucks in Sweden, except for one at the airport.) I drink instant (decaf), unless there's an espresso machine around which it usually isn't. I guess I'm just too lazy to bother. To make matters worse, I use dairy free creamer instead of cream. The stuff is addictive, don't try it. Bonus: It basically lasts forever. Well, it starts clumping at some point, but who cares. The one thing I can't stand though is is if the water is too hard, worse if the machine is calcified, gives me an instant headache. (And don't get me started on tea, which I really only drink on the plane for some reason.) I've also been known to just drink water with sugar and creamer as the coffee was out, which I guess is hard to beat when it comes to not caring much about the coffee :p


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