I don't want to be scared anymore

There are some things about life that definitely change as we get older - and I've just discovered one that's really rather taken me by surprise.

One of my daughters had watched the movie Paranormal Activity. We had the DVD for an extra day, and she said 'Oh, you must watch it! It's really scary.'

Now there was a time when this would have been just up my street. I've never liked gory films, but horror films like this, that scare but don't involve people being ripped to pieces, I've always loved. So I was all set for a pleasureably scary evening.

But then I thought, 'Hang on, do I really want this?' And when it comes down to it, if it is genuinely scary, what would I be getting out of it? The thought of being left a terrified wreck by this movie, or wanting to keep the lights on all night (as I admit I did after the Exorcist many years ago) wasn't appealing.

So there we have it. I don't want to be scared any more. Dr Who seems to be about my limit. That's plenty, thank you. Second childhood, here we come.


  1. I'm with you. real life is scary enough, thank you very much....

  2. Oh, I fancy watching that now!

    I agree that we change – if anything, I now find it hard to find a movie that scares me; I think the last one that did that was the Blair Witch Project. I think only 'creepy' movies like that one work for me now, as I find most others entirely predictable: you just *know* someone's about to place a hand on the shoulder of that lone female, who's about to open that wardrobe door - at just the moment designed to make you jump – so you don't (except if you're Harriet: she'll go "Oh Oh Oh, and press your head into my shoulder" – bonus! It's not all bad news then)

  3. I'm rather like SueG - real life is scary enough. Horror movies or sic-fi flicks haven't frightened me since I was five or six years old. What does frighten me is trying to have a meaningful conversation about politics, social or economic issues with my parents. That gave me a distaste for confrontation and conflict so strong that the aversion has held me back in my career and life as an adult.


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