Well, I'm fascinated

We had a little expedition last night to Windsor to see Fascinating Aïda, and as ever they were brilliant. It must be getting on for 20 years since we first saw this unique singing group, and the experience gets funnier every time. It's rather hard to describe their style, but if you imagine a cross between Tom Lehrer and Victoria Wood, but more musically adept and ruder, you'd be getting fairly close.

Rather than go on and on about what was in it, I've a couple of clips from YouTube of songs they did last night - the only problem is that this is with an earlier soprano (the other two are the same), and the new one is significantly better. That makes little difference in this first number, however, as the soprano is definitely not the star.

I can't show you my favourite part of last night's show, which was a supposed middle European (Romanian?) song cycle, rendered with all the seriousness of such arty music, but on topics like Heather Mills and Polish plumbers and their gherkins, but instead, I'll give you this one that follows. It probably should have at least a 15 certificate.


  1. Presumably the reason you trekked all the way from Swindon to Windsor to see them is this piece I came across in their blog - http://www.fascinatingaida.co.uk/wordpress/

    which describes their trip to Swindon in a snowstorm in February.

    Very amusing and a good advert for their endeavours too.


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