Proof positive

I'm indulging in one of my favourite parts of being an author at the moment - proof reading. It sounds rather dull, but this is the first time you see the inside of your book in anything like its final form. That in itself a little thrill. But also, by the time we get to proofs it has been several months since I read the text. And I find myself thinking, 'Hmm, that's not bad.' I actually enjoy reading it - which is rather encouraging.

The only danger here is that enjoying it doesn't make me a good proof reader. To really do the job well you have to read the individual words, but I find myself slipping into the flow of it and shooting through. I'm always having to slow myself down.

So Armageddon Science is one step closer to reality. No rush - it won't be out until November - but here's a sneak peak of the title page.


  1. Brian, send me a copy, I'll proof read it for you.
    I get incensed when I'm reading a new book to find words misspelled (or misspelt), commas missing and general bad grammar. Proof reading used to be an important role in publishing but either the good proof readers have disappeared or else publishers seem to rely on automated spell checkers, which cant pickup awl the possible errors. I've still got an original pair of Mark 1 eyeballs so will be happy to help out.

  2. Thanks for the offer, Ian, but it has already gone back to the publisher.


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