I take it all back - Feng Shui works (but it's still rubbish)

I really thought I'd seen the back of Feng Shui with my posts decrying Heart FM's support for this nonsense and getting advertising on it from Facebook. But no, I really can't leave it alone after the latest coverage on Heart.

The scenario is this. A single presenter from the Heart breakfast show wants to get some love life. So as a test, a Feng Shui 'expert' has been brought in. She is working the magic on his room and they will see if things get better. Obviously not scientific, but it won't stop them saying how wonderful Feng Shui is if the presenter gets a girlfriend.

Okay, so what's the first thing the Feng Shui expert says? Tidy up (the place was a total tip), clean and declutter. Then they add in all the magic woo like crystals, statues and orientation. But hold hard there. Of course it's going to work if you tidy up, clean and declutter. This isn't Feng Shui, it's a Kim & Aggie Shoe-in. It's hardly a surprise someone will have more chance with the opposite sex if they take them back to a flat that isn't littered with dirty underwear and old takeaways.

The only realistic test if the Feng Shui worked would be to do it hundreds of times, and to do the magic stuff without tidying, cleaning and decluttering. (But of course they will say the magic will only work in a neat, tidy environment. Nice one, guys.)

So here's the bombshell. In these circumstances, Feng Shui does work. But it would work equally well without all the woo - and without the fee. Tidy up, clean and declutter. No consultation needed. Job done.

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