Am I the only human in the village?

It started out so normally. A (wet) walk down to the post office with Goldie.
But something was wrong. It was too quiet. No sounds. No movement. And then I began to see them.
Where the people had been, were now distorted, horrible monstrosities.
I could only think that aliens had landed.
Converting the villagers into these strange, scarecrow-like figures.
Not a single human being in sight.
Everyone, everyone I knew, all gone.
At first I thought they were like statues...
But as I turned my back, I'm sure one moved.
We reached the post office, saw lights... but decided to run. They were coming after us.
I didn't know if I'd make it back home. But I'm here. Things seem so normal. There's nothing on the radio, just the ordinary news. Could I have dreamed it? No - I have the photographs.

ADDED LATER IN HASTE They're coming. I can hear them. At least half a dozen, moving with a strange, shambling step. I don't think I can keep them out. They're in the house. It's no use, they


  1. Oh was nice knowing you :-)

  2. I think you need to lie down.

  3. Brian, it's OK at my end of the village......they haven't got as far as Redlands yet. Hopefully we will continue to to remain safe!

  4. Please note, Sarah, it's only a matter of time. No one can escape. Embrace straw.


    The entity Brian Clegg is now fully assimilated - sorry, fully recovered. (Note to self: buy earthling keyboard with backspace key.) There will be no more silly talk of aliens taking over. The photographs above are clearly Photoshopped.


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