Fluffy bottom worries

As I may have mentioned a couple of days ago, I am now a total iPhone lover. But this has resulted in a worry.

In fact it's not just a problem for iPhones, but pretty well any other electronic equipment you slot in your pocket with a connector on the bottom.

Why do they do it? When it's just inevitable fluff, crumbs and goodness knows what from your pocket is going to get rammed up that connector slot.

It's a worry. It really is.


  1. I use an ancient Nokia these days, which was just not loud enough, I couldn't hear what was said at the other end of the line. Yesterday I dismantled the case to clean it when I realized that the protective grid before the loudspeaker was full of pocket fluff. Since I cleaned it, the phone is shouting again.

  2. It;s called "Designed to short out." The newest release of planned obsolesence.



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