This web thing really is worldwide!

I've been collecting stats on visitors to this blog using the excellent free Stat Counter service.

One of the more fun reports is a map showing the distribution of the most recent readers around the globe. Here you are:

Can you spot yourself?

Especially for Henry, here's Southern UK in more detail:


  1. That's because your feet appear to be in the air, Henry. I've added a map of southern UK - no Cromer: I guess you might be part of the London blip.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Brian - I have now installed it over at the End Of The Pier show, and it's a revelation. Hardly had my statcounter hit the ground than I have hits from all over the known Unioverse, and elsewhere. It's fascinating!

  3. I've been looking for Cromer on there (thought that's why you mentioned Prof CCX in your post) but decided it must have been obliterated by a chicken run. One of my blogging friends put one of these things on his site and before we knew it we all had a massive telling off at Friend Feed and on her blog (which she closed for comments) by a lady in a Continent Which Must Not Be Named In Case She Could be Identified (but has some connection with convicts).

    Takes all sorts.....

  4. As I mentioned above, I think Henry must have been accessing in London, Maxine.

    Don't quite understand the telling off bit. Telling off for doing what? Are you telling me there's only one person with web access on some continent or other? I suspect even Antarctica has more than one, and Australia certainly has!

  5. Determining the precise location of people with Statcounter is often very approximate. For a test, I logged on to my site from Cromer and saw where it popped up on statcounter (for the purposes of blocking my own IP address) and found that the answer was .... Bradford.

  6. We won't tell Mrs Cromercrox what you've been up to in Bradford, if you don't want us to.


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