Blog visit #1

Although I have a blog roll listing the blogs I regularly visit down the bottom of the page (way down), I thought it would be helpful to mention blogs I particularly enjoy reading - so this is the first of a sporadic series.

The End of the Pier Show is the home of Cromercrox, our most frequent commenter on this blog. It's a heady mix of the local life in Cromer, a small seaside town on the English east coast, and the philosophical musings of a scientific journal editor.

It's occasionally downright strange, and has a wild enthusiasm for Boris Johnson - all of which make it endearing and worth adding to your reader.

If you occasionally drop into blogs but don't read them regularly, it's much easier using a reader - I use Google Reader (just go to Google, click where it says 'more' at the top left and select 'reader'), but there are plenty of them out there. They aggregrate the latest blog posts from all the blogs you read in one place, making it a painless process to keep up. But I'm probably teaching my grandparents to suck eggs here...


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