Please buy a Jaguar, right now

After my shock success in getting a response to my concerns about 0300 numbers, just by blogging about it, (not to mention recent news stories in the UK about the Red Rag blog and its involvement in the nasty emails scandal) I am highly impressed with the influence that blogs have over the powers that be.

That being the case, could I just take the opportunity to say how wonderful Jaguar's XK cars are. I think they are much better value for money than equivalent cars, and look absolutely beautiful. I encourage everyone who reads this blog to rush out and buy at least one Jaguar right now. (You don't have to buy an XK, but that's what I'd get, if I could afford it.)

If anyone from Jaguar feels that they want to respond to this blog in any positive way (especially if it involves an XK) they are welcome to contact me through the comments or by email (via my profile).

Go Jaguar! They're wonderful!

Have you bought one yet?


  1. In a similar way, if Apple is reading this, I'd quite like a new iMac. Purely, you understand, so I can review it over at the End of the Pier Show.

  2. Fantastic! I'll take the one in chocolate brown, please....


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