Why I hate Bejewelled Blitz

The Christmas before last a PR company sent me a Christmas card with a free game in it, called Chuzzle. (There were also a couple of little furry chuzzles to go with it, which now sit on top of my PC.) It was fun and rather addictive.

Now I discover the same company produces a little game called Bejewelled Blitz, which is driving me mad on Facebook.

The thing is, you can play Chuzzle in a mode where strategy really pays off - but Bejewelled Blitz is against time and hugely dependent on luck.

To begin with I couldn't understand why others were getting 90,000+ scores and I was just getting 10,000 - what was the secret, I wondered? Until I suddenly went through the roof with 110,000. The way to a high score is just to be really lucky and get double, triple and (ideally) quadruple score powerups very early on - but they appear to be totally random in the way they emerge.

So boo, hiss, to Bejewelled Blitz. The trouble is, this knowledge doesn't stop me going back for just another go. Groan. Pass the Easter eggs - and happy Easter.

Chuzzles in the wild


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