I've found my shopping home

Like quite a few other men, I'm not a great enthusiast for shopping. The only real appeal of going to our local designer outlet village, for example, is the opportunity to eat out (yes, I'm so fond of eating out, I can even enjoy eating at a place like this, though things have gone downhill since the gourmet burger place closed). However I have found a website where I really could enjoy shopping.

Called thinkgeek.com it has all the geekiest products you could imagine. The item that first brought it to my attention was the T-shirt illustrated. It has a built-in light up WiFi detector. How cool is that? Fussy people may wonder about how it will survive the wash (though people who wear this kind of thing may respond 'Huh? You wash T-shirts?') - don't worry, the electronic bit is removable for washing purposes.

As well as 9 other interactive T-shirts (one is a guitar you can strum), there's just about every gizmo that you could imagine. Want a wooden case for your iPhone? They've got it. A little electronic device that randomly turns TVs off and on? No problem. This is an online shop with a section called 'lights and lasers.' Enough said. Sadly it is US-based, so UK customers are likely to get hit with customs import duty.

If by now you are thinking 'So what?' then this isn't the site for you. But I guarantee some of you will find it fascinating. Just lock up your credit card before visiting www.thinkgeek.com.

P.S. Just noticed a T-shirt where a heart gauge lights up when you are near someone else with the same T-shirt. The idea is you give a second shirt to your girl/boyfriend so the hearts light up when they are nearby. I just love that they sell a separate transmitter in case you haven't got a girl/boyfriend, so you can put it near your favourite Star Trek memorabilia or whatever. Now that's real geek thinking.

(As I occasionally review products/sites in exchange for a freebie, I ought to make it clear that I have not been bribed in any fashion to mention this site - I just came across it by accident.)


  1. Yes! I'm going right tot he site now, will open up a window with it so I don't forget, and will spend my lunchtime happily perusing. Thanks!

  2. Just don't blame me if you spend money, Sue.

  3. That's a bit geeky, innit? You should be encouraging SueG to spend money so that you'll get more commission.

    [runs away]

  4. Henry, I know you were just joking, but I would be happy to get commission if they offered it (and open about receiving it), just as I get commission from Amazon from the links on the www.popularscience.co.uk website. It doesn't cost the purchaser anything, and some of us don't have salaries, yer know.

    But in fact, they only offer commission via Commission Junction, which isn't a very UK friendly site (at least it didn't used to be) so this is just straight linking cos I thought the site was interesting.

  5. Been there, done that, and left them with a Binary Watch Training Program pic:- http://www.thinkgeek.com/gadgets/watches/6a17/action/210947a/

    By the way, I have both the red and blue LED versions - how sad is that!

  6. Not sad at all, unless you wear them both at the same time. Or did you just mean blue and red versions of the training program?


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